Letter from the editor — January 2017

Well my goodness…

When this website started it was a simple newspaper editorial page. I was mad at the Clintons for pretty much cheating the entire time (see my article on this below) and I wasn’t too thrilled about our new hate-mexicans and build-a-wall President (interestingly, he never said he didn’t like black people. I don’t know why the left kept lying about that, pretty lame imho.)

What I did not realize and, have since been silent on ( for opsec reasons mainly, people are literally being gang-stalked/murdered as we speak for researching this topic:) that is, what I like to call #Pizzagate .

I will have some of our seasoned writers to some follow up work, explaining the basics and going over the pictures we’ve all come to have nightmares about at this point.

The time for revolution is now. This cannot continue. Either Donald J. Trump, our God-Emperor will send these child-fuckers to jail and throw away the goddamned key or we will do it ourselves. Goodnight, and good luck.

-The Editor

Letter from the admin August, 2016 – Get real! edition

I know our team has been quiet the past few weeks. To be honest, I’m not sure we have any readers yet anyway. Regardless, we have plenty in stock for the coming months especially with election time shortly upon us. I really have no idea where to begin. Fortunately there is plenty to talk about.
Whitehat is working on a very, very long 4 part series that will surely be fascinating. I have a few articles I’m working on myself and I’m excited to add a new writer to our ranks as well (more details on that later.)
Until then, learn everything and trust nothing. Admin out.

Letter from the editor June 2016

You may have noticed that WordPress websites have been under attack by botnets; and this website is no exception. After starting up in February, this site has received over 20,000 fake user shill accounts spamming everything from beauty products to discounts on hoverboards (note: hoverboards are deathtraps and notonpaper.org does not endorse them in any way.)

As such the founders and I have decided to forgo the end goal of the website which would allow any user to post an article. Under current circumstances we simply cannot allow that at this time.

Feel free to continue to email articles to either myself or submissions@notonpaper.org .

Thank you for your continued attention.



President Obama was a disappointment.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Sure he’s a charming guy and he made history when he became president but President Obama did not do an amazing job. Here’s a brief overview of what it was like having Obama as a president:

He raided medical marijuana facilities after promising he wouldn’t on the campaign trail.

He hired back the entire financial cabinet of the Bush administration who then convinced congress they need to ‘bail out’ the big banks this crushing an already eviscerated economy.

havin fun
havin fun

He hired Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton and John (SkullnBones) Kerry to fuck up Libya and Syria. Don’t get me started on that turncoat Kerry and his bloodthirsty desire to murder Syria’s leader and tell us we have to help him at every possible chance.

He never skipped a beat to tell us we need to give up our right to bear arms every time someone gets shot but where’s the water for Flint man?

He kept Guantanamo open way longer than he had to and ended up SENDING troops to Iraq with his ‘surge’ instead of ‘bringing the troops home’ like he promised he would on the campaign trail.

Don’t get me started on the whole ‘no boots on the ground’ thing. What are they using to walk around when you send them there? Sandals and hover-boards? Flying carpets? Gimme a break!

This liar gets a 5/10. He was charming on Jimmy Kimmel but that doesn’t really make a great president.

Hillary Wins in a Landslide!

November 9, 2016…

Well, we all saw it coming. The Republicans finally decided on a candidate; but it didn’t matter in the end. Hillary Rodham Clinton is our next president, securing at least the next 4 years for the Clinton dynasty.

Seem a little premature? Not so much. How do I know Hillary will win? Easy.

1. She has all the super-delegates, rendering the primaries useless.

2. Hillary has already been “tapped” by the Bilderberg group.

3. The Republicans are supporting straw-man candidates like Trump.

4. 2012 was a sham. 2008 was a sham. 2004 was a sham. 2000 was a sham, etc.

So, who are the Bilderbergs? The Bilderberg group is a round-table think-tank that attracts everyone from the upper-echelons of business, royalty, the media and politics. They meet annually, in secret, and infamously they do not allow the press anywhere near the gathering.

Here’s a description from H. Paul Jeffers’ book The Bilderberg Conspiracy:

“Hidden behind many of today’s major news stories, the Bilderberg Group is an elite clique of the most powerful names in politics who want to impose a one-world government on the rest of us. Led by such iconic members as Henry Kissinger, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Richard Perle, Melinda Gates, David Rockefeller, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, and Tony Blair.”

Bilderberg 2010
Bilderberg 2010

This is not a theory. When heads of state meet with heads of the CIA and various intelligence communities along with the moguls of various media corporations in secret to plan out the next 12 months of world affairs it’s not a theory. The Bilderberg group is the definition of conspiracy.

To top it off, Barack Obama and Hillary met with the ‘Bergers back in June of 2008 to discuss (who would win) the election. The press, who were following Obama like lap-dogs at the time, were loaded onto a plane and sent in the wrong direction by his campaign staff, leading to accusations in the blogosphere that he’d kidnapped a group of reporters while he and Clinton toasted in the Westfields Mariott in Chantilly VA where the meeting was being held. There they likely received their marching orders from Kissinger’s “new world order.”

In June 2015, one of the attendees of the Build-a-burger conference in Austria was Jim Messina, chief advisor to the Clinton campaign. Messina also ran Obama’s re-election campaign; and he even had time to get the UK’s David Cameron elected.

protests outside the 2010 Bilderberg meeting
protests outside the 2010 Bilderberg meeting

Back in the spring of 2008, Bill Clinton had a heck of a time defending his own meeting with the group in 1991 just before he got elected. The heckler claimed the meeting was when NAFTA was created and he blamed NAFTA for sending millions of US jobs out of the country. This is what he said in response:

BILL: Woah, woah. Wait-wait-wait. All these paranoid people yell at me wherever I go… Here’s the answer. I happened to be in Europe then on my way to Russia… I had a very good time talking to those Europeans about European affairs and what was going to happen to Russia. (Emphasis added.)

protest outside Bilderberg 2012
protest outside Bilderberg 2012

Slick Willie at it Again

The general election hasn’t even started yet and the Democratic Party is knee deep in shenanigans. Willie couldn’t even stop himself from penetrating even our holiest of traditions.

From CNBC:

“More than 45,000 people have signed a petition calling for the arrest and prosecution of former President Bill Clinton for what they alleged were violations of Massachusetts election laws — even though state officials have said he acted legally.”

The law states that it is a crime for someone to campaign for a candidate within 150 feet of a polling center. One would think that a former president and significant other of a current candidate who is not even in the right state to vote himself must logically be campaigning. The 150 feet rule implies that if you are in any way associated with the campaign and not actually entering the poll station with the intention to vote than it is against the law. The best part is Marty Walsh (also not intending to vote at the time) walked right in with Billy hand in hand.

From WBZ News:

“So we are being very clear with local election officials irrespective of his status, he cannot go inside a polling place and approach voters,” Galvin said.”

And then it shows a picture:

Walsh and Clinton entering a polling station on Super Tuesday

… “Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and former President Bill Clinton inside polling location in West Roxbury (WBZ-TV)”


Mass. Sec. Of State Reminds Bill Clinton Not To Campaign Inside Polling Locations

An online petition to arrest Bill Clinton for allegedly violating election laws has received almost 80 thousand signatures in less than 24 hours


Voting in America

When voting in the United States, certain terms come to mind such as liberal or conservative. What do these terms mean? Let’s get to the core. Traditionally, a conservative is someone who likes to conserve. They would not want to waste anything and if it came to say, a painting, a conservationist mentality would involve keeping it pristine and untouched. On the other hand, a liberal would be someone without these reservations. “That’s a liberal use of mustard” one might say. They may be liberal with money, or believe in liberty in general.

What does the word conservative mean these days? Some guy wearing a cowboy hat most likely, toting a bible and shooting guns. Alternatively, when a liberal comes to mind one thinks of perhaps an east-coaster with a hipster hat and dreadlocks. Free sexually, and philosophically against war. Neither of these images matter in particular, the point is that people’s concept of an individual or group matters most in the outcome of any campaign.

And now we get to the Republicans and the Democrats. Ah, yes , I can feel the hatred now. It’s like some sort of hate-party that only democracies are invited to. It doesn’t matter who you hate, but we all hate the other guy (or gal). We all hate even our own party at this point. Remember that guy from last election? What a clown. Or that guy, what a mess! Both parties are corrupt to the point of no return and everyone knows it at this point. It’s so bad that practically everyone has given up in the two-party system by the time they figured out Santa isn’t real (sorry kids). I digress…

The Republicans are the ones that are considered “conservative”. The funny thing is they aren’t very conservative at all. This can be gleaned from the behaviors of said party when in power. When Republicans rule they install fabulously wealthy elite families into power at the highest level. They perform weird pagan rituals (in Northern California); and they create war and destruction everywhere. Legally speaking, what does the constitution say about all of this? Well, there’s nothing in it against being fabulously wealthy so that’s fine. The pagan rituals are technically allowed but the sex-trafficking is definitely illegal. War costs money (very not conservative) and has to be approved by congress first(not the other way around.) These guys are un-conservative and also un-constitutional which makes them even less conservative when you think of the constitution as being the foundation.

Democrats, to compare , are considered “liberal”. Let’s see how liberal they are. When these people take control they install mechanisms in our legislation that tip the balance of power from the United States to the globalists. These guys are super elites who have scary names like the Council on Foreign Relations whose logo is a horseman of the apocalypse (seriously, Google it.) They talk about how they have a ‘mothership’, whatever that means. All these crazy super-rich people, gathered in rooms, in secret, trying to take over the world, and no one believes in conspiracies. The Dems also like to enable giant super-corporations which then become the citizens of the new global government. All in all, unconstitutional and quite liberal I would say.

And so we have the Republicans, who are neo-conservatives, and the Democrats who are neo-liberals and they’re both pretty much batshit crazy. Unfortunately, we’re not quite done yet. We still have to check out what it means on both sides in terms of foreign policy (which is very important – you guys are indirectly in charge of this so pay attention!) In politics there are hawks and doves. Hawks like war, doves are the peace guys.

High-ranking republicans such as the adorable Dick Cheney are often referred to as neo-cons, or, neo-conservatives. What this means is they have a particular strategy involving talking the people into going to war. In this mindset, if you’re in charge of a country, the best thing you can do is try to invade everyone else. The best offense is the best defense, they say in chess. This often doesn’t work in real life and you end up with more enemies than ever before but as long as you’re invested in the arms industry and funding both sides it works out really well for you financially. These guys were so good at what they did that they perfected a new strategy, because they’re assholes, that’s even better. In some freezing hyper-chamber Republican mad scientists had finally perfected neo-con anti-matter: the neo-liberal. With help from other fuzzy creatures like Donald Rumsfeld, Cheney and his minions started

Cars funnel into Bedford High School to vote. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
Cars funnel into Bedford High School to vote. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

their new strategy, and this time it would work forever: just tell people that other countries don’t work and have to be ‘fixed’. Other countries, according to this doctrine, are stupid and don’t comprehend democracy. No matter how liberal or free or whatever a country is, just call the leader of that country a tyrant and tell people you need to “liberate” them from themselves and become re-programmed in the spirit of 7-11s and Burger Kings. None of this makes sense but people will believe anything they hear on television (am I dating myself? On the internet.) Who is in charge these days of the neo-liberal social justice stormtrooper brigade? Why the Democrats! Look! They took what the Republicans made, and now they’re using it!

What are we left with? Liberals on both sides with no regard for the constitution. The only difference is that the Democrats are neo-liberals whereas the Republicans are neo-conservatives and neo-liberals. The best part is: if you ever tell anyone you’re planning on voting for someone not in one of these parties, people will tell you you’re wasting your vote.